IMWI Grant Program

Immunize Wisconsin (IMWI) is dedicated to supporting coalitions and other organizations in their immunization efforts. As part of this support, the IMWI grant program will focus on local immunization initiatives for people across the state of Wisconsin including pediatric and adult populations.

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Encouraging Better Education and Increased Vaccination Rates

The purpose of the IMWI Grant Program is to support local projects, programs, and initiatives dedicated to improving vaccination uptake in our state and providing relevant vaccination information and education to Wisconsinites of all ages.

Examples of Eligible Projects Include:
  • Immunization initiatives to increase rates in your local communities
  • Education and enrichment programs
  • Creating programs and projects that honor diversity and embrace inclusiveness
  • Improve the understanding of immunization availability
  • Transportation initiatives for those in need
  • Increasing access to education for people in Wisconsin
Grant Program Exclusions

The following organizations, projects, and entities are not eligible for IMWI grant funding:

  • Capital campaigns
  • Endowments or other reserve funds
  • Individual donations, scholarships, or sponsorships
  • Political campaigns or any lobbying efforts
  • Funding to purchase vaccines

Content and Information Requirements for All Grant Proposal Submissions

Organization Overview
Organization Overview

Define who you are and share information on the work you’ve been doing in the field of immunization uptake and education.

Project Details
Proposed Project Detail

Share detailed information about your target audiences and how your project or initiative will help these groups. Be sure to share information on your objectives, tasks, key milestone activities, dates, and expected outcomes.

Project Lead
Project Lead

Provide information and contact details for the stakeholders who will be responsible for this work.

Evaluation Plan
Evaluation Plan

Share details on how you intend to accurately measure the results and outcomes of your project or initiative. Provide a detailed explanation of your evaluation and measurement strategy.

Program Budget

Share a detailed budget plan including information on how you will spend the grant money you are requesting and over what time period.

Grant Proposal Submission and Selection Timeline

October 3

RFPs released and submissions accepted

Week of October 10

Immunize Wisconsin hosts informational grant listening sessions – see below for specific dates and times

December 16

RFP submission closes at 5pm central time

January 2023

Grants awarded

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Grant Proposal Q&As

If a proposal is selected for funding, the project lead will be required to sign a grant agreement that includes a statement that no other funding has been received for the proposal. The exception would be if the funding is a match to other funding that only partially funds the proposed work.

The maximum award requested is $50,000 for a twelve-month period

There is no set number of grants to be awarded

Immunize Wisconsin plans to release a request for proposals in late 2023

The Immunize Wisconsin grant program is for a maximum of $50,000 for twelve months and could be used to support programs to reach high-risk groups

There are no restrictions on proposals that include media campaigns

There is no limit to the number of partners included on a proposal as long as those partners are located in Wisconsin and support people living in Wisconsin

There are no restrictions on including incentives in a proposal

Funds will be distributed based on the proposed timeline/milestones and grant agreement. The earliest funds would be distributed would be February 2023

Proposals must be for proposed work/initiatives and not for reimbursement of past work/initiatives

Staff time needed to organize a proposed event can be included in the proposal budget

Submitters are encouraged to reach out to Immunize Wisconsin if there is a question regarding budget item eligibility

This grant funding is intended for future events/initiatives and not for past work

As part of the submitted proposal, there must be a description of how the team will assess the success of the proposed work. For example: if the proposal is to fund a spring health fair – attendance could be a measure used to assess the success of the event

This is the first RFP release for Immunize Wisconsin

If you have any questions about the submission process, please contact and include Immunize Wisconsin Program Grants in the subject of the email or use the form below.

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