Grant Program Immunize Wisconsin

Immunize Wisconsin
Grant Program

Supporting Immunization
Efforts Throughout Wisconsin

Improving Vaccine Uptake
Through Financial Support

Backing Promising Education and Awareness-Based Initiatives

In the first year of our grant program, we called on local coalitions and pro-vaccination organizations throughout Wisconsin to submit their plans for improving vaccine uptake in our communities. In order to be eligible for the application process and potential grant funding, projects needed to focus on core practices like:

  • Immunization initiatives to increase rates in your local communities
  • Education and enrichment programs
  • Creating programs and projects that honor diversity and embrace inclusiveness
  • Improve the understanding of immunization availability
  • Transportation initiatives for those in need
  • Increasing access to education for people in Wisconsin
Improving Vaccine Uptake

Ensuring Effective Stewardship
of Grant Funds

Evaluating Projects for Efficacy and Transparency

The launch of our inaugural grant program cycle did include a set of parameters to ensure grant funds were distributed to projects and programs that would have an immediate and measurable impact on our communities. Applicants could not submit projects for funding that were:

  • Capital campaigns
  • Endowments or other reserve funds
  • Individual donations, scholarships, or sponsorships
  • Political campaigns or any lobbying efforts
  • Funding to purchase vaccines

Grant Application Requirements
and Evaluation Process

Selecting the Most Impactful Projects for Individuals and Families in Wisconsin

Because the 2022 grant cycle offered applicants grants for up to a 12-month period, the Immunize Wisconsin team requested a high level of detail and explanation in the grant application process. Potential awardees were required to share key information about their project intentions including:

  • An organizational overview outlining the work they’ve done in the field of immunization
  • A detailed project outline including information on target audiences, key objectives, tasks, milestones, and expected outcomes
  • Information on the project lead to ensure a smooth rollout
  • A complete evaluation plan with details on how results will be measured and verified
  • A detailed budget plan including information on how the grant money will be allocated
Grant Application Requirements

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