Grant Program Immunize Wisconsin

Immunize Wisconsin
Grant Program

Supporting Immunization
Efforts Throughout Wisconsin

Funding Vaccine Projects,
Programs, & Initiatives

that significantly advance education and immunization accessibility for the residents of Wisconsin

The 2024 grant cycle will award projects, programs, and initiatives that increase education and vaccine uptake for people living in Wisconsin. Eligible project focus areas include:

  • Regional/Local Coalition Building: Establishing and strengthening collaborative networks to maximize the impact of local immunization drives.
  • Immunization Initiatives: Propelling efforts to heighten vaccination rates within specific local communities.
  • Education and Enrichment: Offering programs that inform and enrich understanding around the benefits and needs of immunization.
  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity Projects: Designing programs that honor cultural diversity, ensuring that all community segments receive tailored and effective immunization information and access.
  • Enhanced Access: Broadening the scope of education and vaccination reach, ensuring every Wisconsin resident has information and access to immunization services.
  • Vaccine Confidence Activities: Initiatives aimed at building trust in vaccines by addressing concerns, dispelling myths, and enhancing the public’s confidence in the safety and efficacy of vaccinations.
Improving Vaccine Uptake

Ensuring Effective Stewardship
of Grant Funds

Maintaining the Integrity & Transparency of Our Grant Program

The 2024 grant cycle includes a series of parameters to ensure grant funds are distributed to projects and programs that would have an immediate and measurable impact on our communities. Immunize Wisconsin will not fund the following projects:

  • Capital Campaigns: Projects aimed at long-term financial goals or significant asset acquisitions.
  • Financial Reserves: Initiatives designed to establish endowments or other reserve funds.
  • Individual Financial Support: Funding requests for individual donations, scholarships, or sponsorships.
  • Political Agendas: Projects with a primary focus on political campaigns or lobbying efforts.
  • Vaccine Purchase: Projects that seek funds for purchasing vaccines.

Grant Application Requirements

Selecting the Most Impactful Projects for Individuals and Families in Wisconsin

Please review the full Request for Proposal (RFP) for all details. All project grant requests are required to share key information about their project intentions including:

  • Executive Summary that includes a detailed overview of your organization, and highlights your expertise and experience in the immunization field.
  • Project Personnel including information on all individuals responsible for carrying out the proposed work.
  • Work Plan that includes information on target beneficiaries, key activities, tasks, milestones, and expected outcomes.
  • Evaluation Plan with details on expected outcomes, metrics for measurement, and data collection methods.
  • Budget Plan summarizing the cost of all expenses needed to execute the proposed project.
Grant Application Requirements

Applicant Eligibility Criteria

Proposals must meet all four criteria below to be considered for a grant:

Criteria 1
Must serve Wisconsin communities

Criteria 2
Must be a Wisconsin-based organization

Criteria 3
Only one grant application per organization/fiscal agent

Criteria 4
Organization has not previously been funded by Immunize Wisconsin’s grant program

Meet the Inaugural 2022/2023
Grant Awardee Cohort

Immunize Wisconsin (Immunize WI) is thrilled to announce the outstanding recipients of our inaugural Grant Program. These remarkable organizations have been selected as grantees and partners, joining us in our shared mission to enhance public health and elevate vaccination rates across Wisconsin. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the following esteemed organizations:

Bayfield County Health Department

The Bayfield County Health Department (BCHD) will expand their vaccination efforts through various initiatives using their IMWI Grant award. They will offer community clinics, collaborate with schools, provide on-site influenza clinics for local businesses, conduct home visits, and transition to electronic immunization records. Congratulations to BCHD on this impactful opportunity!

City of Praise Inc.

The City of Praise intends to use the IMWI Grant award to implement comprehensive vaccination programs, including outreach campaigns, community clinics, and educational initiatives. These efforts will ensure widespread access to vaccines and promote community health and well-being. Congratulations to the City of Praise on this well-deserved recognition and their commitment to keeping the community safe and protected!

Dance County Immunization Coalition

DCIC has been doing incredible work throughout Dane county to help children and adults receive recommended vaccines to help protect them for a lifetime. DCIC is participating in the coordinated back-to-school immunization effort “Back 2 School Free Haircutz,” held at the Alliant Energy Center. This event brings together 30 barbers from across Dane County to provide free haircuts to children. DCIC will be there providing vaccines to children and sharing a gift card or voucher for shoes to each child that receives a vaccine at the event! What an awesome idea! Thank you for all you do, DCIC!

The Eau Clair City-County Health Department shared a compelling proposal to help improve vaccination awareness and uptake throughout their communities for HPV, Meningococcal, and Tdap vaccines for adolescents ages 11-18. We can’t wait to see their reminder and event campaign unfold! Thank you for all that you do!

The Equal Protection Council will use their IMWI Grant award to expand the impactful Vax4Vax campaign, focusing on the LGBTQ+ community. By leveraging online dating apps, they aim to reach and educate individuals who have been previously difficult to engage. Let’s join them in promoting vaccination and health equity!

The Hmong American Center shared an incredible proposal to help Hmong and Hispanic communities build their understanding of vaccines and eliminate barriers to vaccination through tailored social media messaging and pop-up clinics throughout their communities. They will use this IMWI Grant award to expand their Hmong and Hispanic Communication Network (H2N) initiative. We are so excited to see what you do next!

Ho Chunk Nation

The Ho-Chunk Nation Department of Health (HCN DOH) is working to increase vaccination accessibility beyond clinic settings, to improve vaccine promotion, and to alleviate transportation obstacles for its dispersed service population. The focus will be on completing required childhood and adolescent vaccinations, as well as seasonal vaccinations such as influenza and COVID-19 boosters. This initiative primarily targets Ho-Chunk Nation Tribal members, descendants, members of other federally recognized tribes and their descendants, and HCN staff members within 15 counties in Wisconsin. Activities planned encompass on-site vaccinations, community education at vaccination events, and raising awareness through posters showcasing respected Tribal elders and social media. Various community resource fairs, assessment tools, social media campaigns, and promotional materials, like posters and magnets, will be utilized to achieve these objectives.

The SCV Immunization Coalition aims to raise vaccination rates by 10% among children aged 0-18 in Pierce and St. Croix counties by the end of 2025, with the support of IMWI’s grant. Addressing the unique challenges of healthcare deserts, their approach focuses on digital outreach—utilizing online streaming, social media, and movie theater messaging. The organization is excited to collaborate with UW-River Falls, drawing on the expertise of faculty and students to create impactful media content. They’ll also be distributing immunization education materials to childcare centers, schools, and the Family Resource Center. Acknowledging the diverse needs of their community, their content will be available in both English and Spanish.